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13,000DWT Chemical/ Oil Tanker
Built in 2016, this vessel is classed under CCS (IACS Member) with Ice Notation and available for prompt delivery GWBOCVUZ1040LOA 134.8m x 22mtrs. Unrestricted navigation. Main engine is MAK 9M32C, 4050kw @600rpm. There are 10 SS coiled epoxy coated tanks woith a total 14,734m3 capacity, less 60 deg, density less than 1.025t CBM. Cargo pumps are 300m3/hr. The vessel is fitted with a bow thruster also. A detailed machinery, engine and hull specification is available. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.... read more

Length: 134.8m
Location: China
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ID: 625973  (Trade)
Posted: 16 hours ago

CM0529 Medium gas carrier vessel 29500 DWT / 1995 BLT for sale
CM0529 Medium gas carrier vessel 29500 DWT / 1995 BLT for sale Built: 1995, Japan Dimensions: LOA 180 m, BEAM 27 m, DEPTH 18 m, DRAFT 11.6 m Tonnage: DWT: 29500 t, GT: 23500 t, NT: 8050 t Class: IRS (IACS), next renewal survey Sep 2020 Main engine: 1x B& W 13700 hp Cargo capacity: 3x tanks, volume: 36800 cbm, Cargo pumps: 6x Deepwell 440 cbm/h (2 per tank), 2x 440 cbm/h Booster From direct Sellers, can give c/free dely during August ID on CM0529 Price: Please send your quiry we will guide you on price idea read more

Length: 180m
Location: UAE
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ID: 641186  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago


Length: 94m
Location:Zhejiang China
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ID: 309413  (Trade)
Posted: 4 days ago

3200 DWT Tanker New
Type of the vessel Oil Tanker (flash point≤60℃) Built Year 2017 Classification society: CCS Hull Overall Length 86.31 m Length 79.80 m Length Of Load Waterline 82.37m Breadth 13.50 m Depth Moulded 6.00 m Light Load Draft 3.570 m Full Load Draft 5.200 m Full Load Displacement 4554.600 t Light Load Displacement 1367.990 t Referent Cargo Capacity 3200 t Navigation Area Offshore Waters Operating Sea Area A1 + A2 Material Of Hull Steel Material Of Deck Steel No. Of Decks 1 No. Of Watertight Horizontal Bulkheads 9 Place Of Double Bottom Fr.8~Fr.127 Structure Type Mixed Frame Type, d... read more

Length: 86m
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ID: 546741  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

29.5mtr Bunkering Tanker
This vessel is almost complete. Buyer defaulted during the build so now on the maret. Can be ready for delivery approx 2 months signing. Below new build price. Cargo Capacity 290m3. Powered by twin 350hp engines. Oil Transfer pump 50m3hr. The vessel may be inspected at the shipyard in China by appointment. At this stage, slight modifications to suit end user may be considered. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.... read more

Length: 29.5m
Location: China
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ID: 625624  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

1556DWT Chemical Tanker IMO II
This small tanker has just been completed and can be ready for delivery within short timeframe. For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.​ The ship is built and classed to CCS Classification. LOA 69.2m x 11.2m with loaded draft at 3.8mtrs. Powered by single 6210 ZCL-21 main engine (883kw). 2 x aux engines and anchor genset. Cargo tanks (5) are all Stainless Steel with double bottom / sides. Inspection at the shipyard is available by appointment.... read more

Length: 69.2m
Location: China
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ID: 625622  (Trade)
Posted: 5 days ago

CM0534 Aframax tanker 106500 DWT / 2002 BLT for sale
CM0534 Aframax tanker 106500 DWT / 2002 BLT for sale Built: 2002, Japan Dimensions: LOA 240 m, Beam 42 m, Depth 23.30 m, Draft 14 m Tonnage: DWT: 106500 t, GT: 57600 t, NT: 32100 t Class: DNV GL (IACS) next renewal survey Sep 2022 Main engine: 1x MITSUI-MAN B& W 15900 hp Aux generators: Wartsila 870 kW total Cargo capacity: Cargo tanks 12x, vol.: 114 400 cbm, slop tanks 2x, vol.: 4651 cbm, cargo pumps: 3x 2500 cbm/h, ballast pumps: 2x 1500 cbm/h Location: Singapore Area Remarks: Double hull, we ahve all details, plans, etc. ID on CM0534 Price: Best offers invit... read more

Length: 240m
Location: Singapore
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ID: 640750  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

CM0540 Crude oil/product/bunkering tanker/ 6400 DWT/2007 BLT for sale
CM0540 Crude oil/product/bunkering tanker/ 6400 DWT/2007 BLT for sale Dimensions: LOA 112 m, BEAM 15.8 m, DEPTH 8.8 m, DRAFT 6.9 m Tonnage: Deadweight: 6415 t, GT: 4032 t, NT: 1975 t Class: DNV GL (IACS), next renewal survey Dec 2021 Main engine: 1x G8300ZC 2400 hp Crane: 1x 5 t @ 18 m Cargo capacities: Volume (98%) 6700 cbm, 10x tanks, 2x segregations, 2x cargo pumps 750 cbm/h, epoxy coated, stst heating coils Remarks: Vessel currently trading Persian Gulf, inspectable by arrangement. Vessels rented sts/bunkering equipment may possibly be sold with vessel. ID on CM0... read more

Length: 112m
Location: UAE
Price: $4,000,000
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ID: 640743  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

CM0533 Suezmax tanker 159.000 DWT/2002 BLT for sale
CM0533 Suezmax tanker 159.000 DWT/2002 BLT for sale Suezmax tanker 159000 t dwt, 2002 korean blt, 168.000 cbm, 14 tanks, 3 segreg. Built: 2002, Korea Dimensions: LOA 274 m, Beam 48 m, Depth 23 m, Draft 17 m Tonnage: DWT: 159100 t, GT: 81100 t, NT: 52050 t Class: DNV GL (IACS) next renewal survey Mar 2022 Main engine: 1x MAN-B& W 25 680 hp Aux generators: 3x MAN-B& W 1 120 kW in total Cargo capacity: Volume: 168 000 cbm, 14x tanks, cargo pumps: 3x 4000 cbm/h, 3 grades, alu coiled at +66 °C, IGS, COW Remarks: BWTS fitted ID on CM0533 Price: Best ... read more

Length: 274m
Location: Singapore
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ID: 640752  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

 Bunker Tanker abt. 3200 DWT built 1994 in NL, converted tanker 2007
We can offer for sale subject unsold / charter free Small Sea-River Bunker Tanker abt. 3200 DWT built 1994 in The Netherlands, converted tanker 2007 as follows: MT “TBN” Sea-River Bunker Tanker Double hull / Double bottom Built: 1994, The Netherlands, converted tanker 2007 Abt. 3200 DWT on about 4,6 m draft Low airdraft Class: IACS Member (not suitable for Products with flashpoint 60degr c. and less) LOA: 89,50 m Beam: 12,50 m SBT-Marpol - 2 segr. ISGOTT Cubic: about 3460 m3 in 12 tanks Suitable of handling ifo 380 and gasoil-mdo products. Cargo pumps: 3 x 320 m3/... read more

Length: 89.5m
Location:Vessel is trading in North Europe, mostly North Sea and Baltic Sea ports. Ukraine
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ID: 648010  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

Small SPTanker Barge 830 DWT built 1982 in Greece, refurbished in 2017
We can offer for sale subject unsold Small Self Propelled Tanker Barge 830 DWT built 1982 in Greece, fully refurbished in 2017 as follows: MT “TBN” Self Propelled Tanker Barge Type: Oil Products Tanker Single Hull / Single Bottom 830 DWT on 3,35 draft Built: 1982 in Greece, fully refurbished in 2017 Class: IACS Member LOA: 43,70 m Beam: 8,0 m Depth: 3,85 m Draft: 3,35 5 cargo tanks Cargo tanks capacity: abt. 1070,0 cbm 2 Cargo Pumps Heating: Yes. ME: 1 x Mercedes Benz – Power 191 Kw Crane: 1 hydraulic Crane – Max Working Load 1 Ton at 10 m Trading... read more

Length: 43.7m
Location:Trading area in East Mediterranean. Ukraine
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ID: 646461  (Trade)
Posted: 10 days ago

774-BSB OIL RECOVERY AND BUNKERING TANKER FOR SALE - FROM DIRECT OWNERS - CARGO CAPACITIES Deck Cargo 10 tons Deck Area for about 10 pallets Potable Water (vessel) 13,40 m3 Ballast water 54 m3 Loading tank(3) 97 m3 aprox. Loading pump (a 6 cst) 2x25 m3/h. 8 bar Range at sea 5 days Fuel consumptions 60 litres diesel per hour OTHER DETAILS REC OIL AND BUNKERING TANKER DOUBLE HULL AND DOUBLE BOTTOM HEATING COILS... read more

Length: 20.20m
Location: Spain
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ID: 288754  (Trade)
Posted: 12 days ago

1556DWT Chemical Tanker
This new build tanker in CCS Coastal Classification is available for prompt delivery For a more detailed specification, please feel free to contact us.​ The vessel is Double Hull/ Double Bottom and all tanks/ piping Stainless Steel. Suited for Ethanol or similar product. LOA 69.2m x 11.2m x 3.8m. Powered by 6210ZCL-21 Zibo ain engine 883kW. Priced very well for new build. Please feel free to contact us for a detailed specification and pictures. Inspection available by appointment.... read more

Length: 69.2m
Location: China
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ID: 624876  (Trade)
Posted: 16 days ago

3700CBM Bunkering Tanker NB ORDER
Loa abt. 78.00 m Length, bp 76.20 m Breadth, 15.00 m Depth, 7.00 m Draught (design), . 4.80 m Gross tonnage,1969 ~2500 DEADWEIGHT AND CAPACITY Deadweight at design draught ~3,000 tons In seawater Capacity (100% fill in): Cargo oil tank including slop tanks abt. 3,700 cu.m Slop tanks abt. 100 cu.m Water ballast tanks incl. peak tanks abt. 1500 cu.m Fuel oil tanks abt. 200 cu.m Fresh water tanks abt. 100 cu.m Main Engine: Type No 2 sets M.C.R. ~895 kW x 1800 r/min C.S.R. (85%MCR) ~761 kW x 1705 r/min Service speed on design draught with the main engine running at CSR without ... read more

Length: 78m
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ID: 637147  (Trade)
Posted: 18 days ago

Oil tanker 21 m
Oil Tanker Built 1967 Bolsoenes Verft, Norway. Cerfied by NMD, valid untill 30.9.2011. Loa 20.21 m, bm 5.01 m. 61 GT. Scania 450 bhp (1987), ca. 1000 hours since overhauled. 4 tanks, 95m3. Please sent enquiries to email... read more

Length: 21m
Location: Lithuania
Price: €47,500
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ID: 232649  (Private)
Posted: 19 days ago

-------------------------------------------------------------- ABT 13,147 DWT ON 8.614M Draft BLT 2/2007 Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co Ltd, KRS Class LR SS/DD: 2022-02-05 14 Tanks ABT 13,376 CBM Epoxy Phenolic Coated / Coiled Heat Exchangers (Max Temp Load/Maintain 90c/70c) IGS IMO 2 3 Double Hull Pumps: 12 x 300 m3/hr + 2 x 100 mr/hr (Centrifugal) 1 x 5 tonnes - Centre ABT 3,991 LDT N2 Gen Fitted. Bow Thruster: 612 Bhp -------------------------------------------------------------------- ABT 16,616 DWT ON 8.81M Draft BLT 9/2009 Zhejiang Friendship Ship... read more

Length: 128m
Location: Turkey
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ID: 648930  (Trade)
Posted: 23 days ago

1125dwt Tanker
1125dwt Tanker   $500,000
Nationality: Malaysia. D.W.T (Dead Weight Tonnage): 1125 Ton. Builder: Maheta Shipbuilding Tekko Company, Japan. Type Of Engine: Niigata – 6mz8 Bgt. Sea Speed: 10 Knots. Classification Society: Bureau Veritas... read more

Length: 65.50m
Location:Pengerang Malaysia
Price: $500,000
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ID: 647891  (Trade)
Posted: 27 days ago

1963 Tanker - Bunkering For Sale
COB0079 Tanker - Bunkering For Sale - VIA OWNERS' REPRESENTATIVES - Completely overhauled in 1992, 2006 and 2015 (Germany) It was on dry dock in Dec 2019 with new paint and anodes and shaft sealing. Next Surveys are due in 2021 for European Inland Registration. The Vessel has German Inland and Coastal papers (zone 2) and all surveys and test for tanker under 150GRT -near coastal trade- are completed in 2019 and still valid so such Class could be completed by Dutch Surveyors, if required by Buyers. Owners were planning to repair outer shaft sealing next docking. Machinery ... read more

Length: 48.50m
Location:NORTH EUROPE Germany
Price: €150,000
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ID: 638805  (Trade)
Posted: 28 days ago

New Build Product Tanker
New Build Product Tanker built in China awaiting new owners for completion. Built to Chinese Coastal Class 200NM. Vessel is 90% complete and can be delivered within 6 weeks from order.... read more

Length: 53m
Location: China
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ID: 546667  (Trade)
Posted: 30 days ago

Marine Fuel Bunker Barge
Built 1996, Dorbyl Marine, Cape Town Flag South African Classification CCS Length Overall 64.80m Beam 16.62m Depth 6.46m GRT 1,777T NRT 3,678T Displacement 4,592,634T... read more

Length: 64m
Location:Western Cape South Africa
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ID: 659475  (Trade)
Posted: 31 days ago

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